Introspection and Personal Growth

A Life Transforming Course On Introspection And Personal Growth For The Global Youth Self Development is a combination of discovering one's own self and unlocking the latent potentials within, and thereafter utilizing them in the best way possible – both, professionally and personally. However, it is not always that easy for the Young Minds to figure it all out! This course is designed to facilitate the Youngsters at all levels of self development, while also taking them on a journey of in-depth introspection and enhancement of skills required for the expression of one’s own strengths and capabilities.
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Created by

Yash Tiwari

Yash Tiwari, (verified social presence on Facebook) 19 Years Old, An International Youth Mentor, Has Delivered 6 TED Talks And A Josh Talk, Is A Public Speaker, Mental Health Awareness Advocate, An Award Winning Author Of Two Books, A Youth Influencer, With His Critically Acclaimed Debut Novel "A Celebration In Tribulation" Written At The Age Of 16. He Recently Has Also Authored “PANDEMIC 2020 - Rife Of The Virus” World's First Fiction Novel On The Ongoing Corona Virus Outbreak, For Which He Has Received The “India Book Of Records" as well as the “ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS” International Award For Being The “Youngest Author To Write A Fiction Novel On COVID19.”
As a Young Public Speaker and Youth Mentor, Yash Tiwari is frequently invited to deliver talks and sessions on diverse social and psychological subject-matters. He has delivered thought provoking sessions all around the world, some of which were in regions like Nigeria, Cameron, Canada, Ghana, New York City (webinars), etc. He delivered a Talk at the United Nation 75th Anniversary International Youth Day Celebration (2020) organized by the UN Volunteers from Nigeria, alongside speakers from Iraq, Congo, Australia, etc. He has delivered talks in various states all around the nation like Maharashtra, Jammu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Odisha, etc. Yash has delivered Six TED Talks at the world-renowned platform of TEDx, all by the age of 18. He delivered a Josh Talk, which has amassed more than 500,000 Views in a brief period of time.
He has been awarded as the “Young Author Of The Year 2020” by T.I.A, awarded among the "Top 100 Inspiring Authors of India by The Indian Awaz", awarded with "Author Of The Year" award by NE8x, “Youth Leader Award" and “Top 100 Influential People Of India" Award Winner by The HUM Foundation, nominee for "Best Debut Author" award by ICMDR, and also awarded with Global Young Leader Fellowship and TCC REX Karmaveer Chakra Award by iCOGNO in association with United Nations. Yash has also been a part of United Nations 75 Years Anniversary World Peace Global Initiative.
He is working at MyCaptain as a Mentor, a TheClimbers and IIM Bangalore incubated and United Nations recognized company, where he teaches youngsters (even civil engineers, medical students, academicians, professionals, etc) from all walks of life. He has also delivered MasterClass Modules on the platform of SpeakIn, a brilliant social platform featuring renowned thought-leaders in the country inspiring the masses of more than 1.2 Billion Population on various topics important for the country. Some of the leading speakers include Shashi Tharoor, Suhel Seth, Bear Grylls, Richa Chadha, etc. The platform will be benefitting and guiding employees who are twice or thrice older than his age around the world Mentor At Expertron, World's First AI Platform With Video Bots Of Experts where he is on a panel of experts who are alumni of IITs, IIMs, NITs, Amity University, Jain University, etc.
As reported on various Reputed media platforms, Yash has authored World's First Novel on the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic. The narrative presented through his novel, PANDEMIC 2020 - a tribute to Government Bodies, Doctors, Media, Healthcare workers, Frontline workers, and all the warriors of the COVID19, along with a lot many other aspects - is unique in today's time of a global pandemic, not just because it's World's first Fiction Novel based on the pandemic, but also because of the story it tells. Pandemic 2020, provides a harrowing look at how the pandemic turned the lives of everyone around the world upside down. The story is a globally-interconnecting tale, intriguingly blending majorly affected regions around the world through characters facing the severity of one common pandemic, the Corona Virus outbreak. It narrates the story of how important the Platforms of media and news are in a time of global pandemic, how medical workers sacrifice their lives in such horrendous situations, how the impoverished and poor ones suffer the most at the hands of such an ailment, and how the stranded travellers are unable to survive through the clutches of the outbreak right now. Yash has written this just within 30 days.
Yash wrote his Debut Novel, A Celebration In Tribulation, within a record time of just 22 days. It is the first time when someone has authored a fictional book on the unspoken "Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease", let alone at such a young age. Yash has been featured on International as well as National News Platforms.