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As a 23-time author and inspired novelist inspiring 1 Million WHYS across 11 countries, I am thrilled to be a content provider to ASCIRA. The world needs inspired leaders and world-class content now more than ever. I choose to align with ASCIRA as I believe in their vision, their people and their world-class leadership. Imagine 1 Million WHYS coming to life through ASCIRA and the #whyguy.LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities.


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CEO, Art of Headshots
Some of our clients include Facebook, Amazon and Lions Gate Studios to mentioned but three internationally recognized brands from our thousand of customers retained over the years. Educating people around the World about our unique work is an essential and important component for our marketing efforts, ASCIRA academy provided us with a unique opportunity to share our processes and success around the globe through a platform filled with World leaders in their own profession.

Frequently asked questions

1. How should I get started with the application?

Start planning your course! We are looking for 10-20 modules per course, about 10 minutes per video per module

2. How long should my entire course be?

We are looking at 180 - 220 minutes of content per course

3. What should I send with my application if I would like to be a content provider?

That's a great question! It is pretty easy, in your application you should include the following; your bio, your professional profile photo (one vertical and one horizontal shot), a course summary, 20 video titles that you will be teaching, your social media profiles and any past work that you have done. One more thing, don't forget a Digital Audition, we want to see you on camera

4. What is a Digital Audition?

Digital audition is a video you record sharing your experience, your passion and adversities. Describe your content, what value you add and who will benefit from it. Share examples of your previous work, and most importantly, tell us about you!

5. How long should the Digital Audition video be?

It should be short and sweet - make sure it is around 5 to 10 minutes. Save it as a YouTube link and send it over, we cannot wait to see it! Lights - Camera - Action!

6. Where should I send my application?

We have a special email just for you and it is going to

7. What are the benefits being ASCIRA content provider?

Being one of our content provider, you will enjoy all expense paid to get your content recorded in Hollywood quality recording and post production. Your content will be exposed to our entire community around the world and not forgetting, ongoing engagement opportunities 

8. How long does it take for the approval?

That's a hard question! Depending on the submissions we get, it can take up to 30-days before you hear from us. We are working away as quickly as we can. One tip for you, the more complete your application is, the faster you will find out from us. 

9. Do I get any remuneration for my content?

Time to talk money! Once you have been selected as our content provider, ASCIRA invest thousands of dollars to produce your video courses, high quality Hollywood style filming and post production will be part of the process. All content providers can have an ASCIRA Independent Associate account to start sharing and inviting learners to the platform so they can learn from you and other content providers for a low monthly subscription. When that happens, you will earn from sharing your knowledge with our world audience. 

10. Who will be looking at my application?

ASCIRA work as a team. We have a board of experienced experts from all sectors from movie producers to creative directors to academia professors and event producers, going through all the applications to make sure you are the right fit for our platform. We are here shine a light on you! Besides making you a superstar - your content is extremely important as well, it needs to be relevant and current.