Why Power

The ones that know WHY live with passion and purpose. They defy gravity by defining their WHY. Their imperfection is what makes them so perfect - so brilliant. They are inspired by a vision, where the world is helped by you. 
By igniting their purpose they are inspiring others to do the same. Inspiring others to do the same. They are everyday people living their deeper WHY. 
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Created by

Gerry Visca

Gerry Visca exists to inspire and engage top leaders with a deeper WHY POWER. He is a master inspirator with a passion for helping leaders ignite, define and connect to their deeper WHY. He rivets audiences with meaningful and lasting experiences. He is a 22-time author and transformational novelist, recongized internationally as an authority on WHY-OLOGY; the devotion to why we tryly exist. He creatively supports people and organizations to answ the only question that matters: WHY AM I HERE?