The Secret Keys to Unlocking your Optimal Body

In this course you will learn how to deeply reconnect with your body so you can finally fall in love with yourself and call in the relationship, finances and life you have been craving. As a weight loss and nutrition expert, learn my secrets on how to lose weight and keep it off for good without dieting. Get my top secret daily detox recipe that helps you balance your hormones and heal your gut from the inside out, plus, finally understand how your body works so you can stop guessing and start LIVING. 
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Created by

Stéphanie Boland

Stéphanie Boland, bphe, inhc, ex international level barrel racer turned bodybuilder turned coach, has been changing the lives of thousands across the globe by helping people attain optimal health, love, and financial freedom. After years as a high level athlete, Stephanie suffered a career ending injury and was then blessed to find her calling as an expert holistic transformational coach. She is now an award winning speaker, best selling author, guinness world record holder, certified holistic health coach, mindset expert, and creator of the life altering human potential program
“The Blueprint to Happiness”. 
Stephanie believes everyone has a divine purpose within them, but that purpose must be activated through proper care for the body, mind and soul. She bases her work on deep soulful reconnection and the 3 pillars of happiness being health, relationships and business. She combines revolutionary mindset & visualization techniques with healing and holistic nutrition to bring people from feeling powerless and disconnected, to feeling free, purposeful and fulfilled.  
Stéphanie has been featured on podcasts and TV shows such as Healthy is Wealthy on the EWomen’s Network, The creator show, and many more. 
Stephanie’s mission is to heal the lives of the 4.4 billion parents across the globe which will then lead to the birth of a whole new generation of youth superhumans, ending the pandemic of mental illness and self-created dis-ease in which we live.