Se Tú Mejor Versíon

Este curso está diseñado para ayudarte a convertirte en tu mejor versión. Claudia se enfoca en el tema del desarrollo personal empezando contigo, en como salir de la zona de confort y crear un deseo ardiente dentro de ti. También, aprenderás sobre cómo manejar mejor tus relaciones, cómo modificar tu medio ambiente para atraer la vida de éxito que te imaginas, y como lanzarte para lograr tus metas. ¡Aprenderás sobre temas que te ayudarán a mejorar todas las áreas de tu vida!
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Created by

Claudia Ramirez


Claudia Ramirez is an Inspirational Speaker, Mindset, and Fitness Coach whose mission is to empower those who are ready to reach their maximum potential. Her journey began nearly a decade ago when she was introduced to an entirely new way of thinking, earning, and living through Network Marketing while being a collegiate student-athlete. Since then, she has invested years learning and discovering the difference between what society teaches and the valuable information people need to live the life they truly envision. 

In 2016, while completing her Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction, she was nationally recognized as an Academic All-American in Track & Cross Country in the United States. It was through this recognition that she discovered the power that mindset and running played in her life and what they could do in the life of others. Claudia continued using her voice and presence in various organizations to support athletes through the Student-Athlete Association Committee and Hispanic students in Sociedad Universitaria Honorífica de Hispanoamérica. 

She has now supported hundreds of teenagers to discover the world of Personal Development & Fitness and has hosted training for leaders and entrepreneurs. As a woman who was born in Mexico, Claudia considers her contributions to her Hispanic community and women around the world one of her main priorities. 

In her personal and professional endeavors, Claudia seeks to educate and empower others to leave their comfort zone and be their best version. She sees ASCIRA as the opportunity of a lifetime because she can connect and impact Beyond A Billion people! She stands behind all that ASCIRA represents and believes in what John Sachtouras, Belynda Lee, and Curtis Randall have for this impactful organization.