Heal and Empower your Life 

 Why problems drive us crazy and how energetic Coaching can help manage problems with ease. Using the craziness of the problem as a turning point for change can help you become crazy happy, healthy, and abundant. What if, whatever is happening to you right now is not a coincidence? What, if you were not the victim, but the creator of your reality and could achieve anything you want? Your willingness to use your own “craziness”, i.e. your ability to change perspective and reclaim your inherent. Wholeness can help you manage crazy situations (i.e. problems) in your life and in the world and make you happier, healthier and more abundant. Welcome to crazy healing! Below is an outline of how the 7 elements of crazy healing can contribute to you.
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Created by

  Silke Maria Haas

   Santa Maria, USA
My name is Silke Maria Haas (D.O, N.D, CST, Heilpraktikerin), I am an international Coach and a healer. For the last 25 years, my professional training as an Osteopath (D.O), Naturopath (N.D), Craniosacral therapist (CST) and Heilpraktiker has enabled me to help people of all ages, including many children and families with problems regarding their health and personal lives.
My sincere desire for humankind is -not only to reduce pain and suffering in the world-, but also to empower people to help themselves. So, combining my therapeutic knowledge with self-help and empowerment tools, I studied and applied over many years, I created a unique system of Energetic Coaching for Health and joy. This system combines elements of Kinesiology, Psychology, energetic therapies, Shamanic Healing and Access Consciousness into a unique transformation method.