Mobility and Muscle

Mobility and Muscle is a health coaching system that incorporates education to provide a balance between building muscle, improving mobility and functional movement patterns along with reducing body fat. This is done by helping people become aware of the factors that go into creating lasting change with the body which will help individuals live a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. As you go through and apply the teachings in this system you will begin to tap into all the benefits that come along with increasing lean muscle mass, boosting your metabolism all while improving how you move and feel
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Created by

Omar Moses

 Omar Moses is a modern-day, Holistic Leader and Mentor in the Fitness Industry. His 12 years of experience includes mentoring and developing members and staff in the areas of physical development, sales training, management and leadership. Between overseeing 11 locations and 150 staff, Omar has developed a burning desire to help others accelerate their overall growth and empower them from where they currently are in their fitness journey to where they desire to be.