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Julia Zisopoulou’s mission is to guide people to live a life full of abundance & happiness in the environment that suits them. With masters degree in civil engineering at AUTH and 19 years of experience working with architects to create spaces that connect and harmonise individuals in the space that suits them. Learn from her on self-improvement along with uniquely combined life coaching with Feng Shui applications. 
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Julia Zisopoulou

Julia Zisopoulou is an international Feng Shui & Life Coach with Master degree in Civil engineering.
In 2002, following her passion, she started her studies in Feng Shui with the Grand Masters, Yap Cheng Hai and Joey Yap, founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics.
Over 19 years of experience she provides professional services in Feng Shui and personal analysis to a wide range of businesses and individuals in globally.

Working with contractors, architects, & interior designers in more than 370 projects, she delivers Feng Shui reports that arrange the physical environment in an optimal way and bring out the best qualities of the space. As well she uses the BaZi method to analyse and decode a person’s character. The purpose of the BaZi Profiling is to highlight the talents and abilities and how you can use them in the best way. The analysis helps in self-knowledge, to create the life you want based on the choices and decisions you make.