PMA - Positive Mental Attitude

Would you like to be a little happier today than you were yesterday? A little happier tomorrow than you are today?

“Happiness Simplified: The Positive Life Formula”.

Your level of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) will increase every single day when you focus to study Positive Mindset, Happiness and Self Awareness in order to be happy. 
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Created by

Dave Doyle

Dave is a sought-after keynote speaker and trainer, sharing this knowledge through his signature TedX talk, WTFUN is The Key to Happiness. He is now a partner with TEDx in his community, putting on TEDx events and coaching speakers. Dave’s key business and personal philosophies are to be true to self, always create win/win/win situations, focus on people’s needs to help them, and always be growing and learning. He sees ASCIRA as the perfect platform for him to continue to grow and help more people around the world. Dave’s passions are Business and Personal Development for himself and others but his ‘Why’ is his family. His wife Amanda and his two sons Ashton and Rhys fuel his passions and bring him home every day..