Dream Team - How to skyrocket Team !

Is your team under-performing?  Or do you have no team?
Is it difficult for you to find, select and retain the right people?
Do you feel your team doesn’t respect you as a leader? Doesn’t perform as you expect?
In any case, this is the right course for you.
In this course you’ll learn how to find and easily select people, how to combine the right people to build a Dream Team, how to improve communication and motivation in your company and how to lead them like a pro, retaining talent and exploding your results.
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Created by

Ricardo Frade

WebSite https://ricardofrade.com/freetest/
For more than 12 years, Ricardo Frade has worked with thousands of individuals
and dozens of companies, helping them to overcome obstacles, improving their
results, developing their leadership skills and optimizing their teams.
He is the founder and CEO of Lampcoach, a Portuguese company focused on
delivering the best personal and business development opportunities to
Individuals and companies. They do it using different tools, from big events and
small personal retreats, including executive coaching or complex HR long-term
development programs.

He is also the founder and president of ACONTECE Association, a non-profit
organization dedicated to deliver the same opportunities to teenagers from 13 to
17y years old.
Ricardo is an incredible speaker/trainer and a very out-of-the-box, creative and
no-bullshit person, always focused on being honest, straightforward and very
sharp on everything he does or says. Known by is incredible talent to understand
people’s thoughts, mental patterns and motivations, he’s a master on managing
conflicts and helping leadership to improve, to (re)create Dream Teams and to
get the best of their people.

This comes form years solving his own problems (from almost bankruptcy to

being accused of family violence and mistreating their foster kids) and learning
from his mentors (like Jack Canfield, Blair Singer, Mac Attram or Aaron Huey),
and also dozens of courses/workshops and hundreds of books.
He’s the author of the book “Pé Descalço”, released in 2014, telling the story of a
trip he made with no money, credit card or phone, from the north of Sweden to
Portugal, proving to everyone that you can overcome any obstacle in your life.
He’s an ICC-International Coaching Community certified coach since 2014, and a
T Harv Eker Trainer the Trainer’s program graduate since 2017.
He’s married to Sofia, his “wingwoman” in business, adventure and life.