Harnessing your inner NINJA

Harnessing Your Inner Ninja teaches you how to adapt to internal and external needs, hone your expertise and skills in branding to stay on top of the marketing game. In this course we explore what works for you and your brand while leveraging timeless core leadership tactics and principles.
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Created by

Annie Koshy

"Giving voice to the voiceless through thought leadership, photography, media and the arts."
Award-winning media professional, Annie Koshy, is a recognized multi-talented media and events personality, trained elite speaker and emcee. Her work is highly applauded, as she has made a lasting impression within the arts, media, and events arena. Annie has gained a reputation for bridging opportunities for those in a variety of industries. Through her disciplined work ethic in multiple streams, aptitude for branding and skill in business networking, Annie is a role model to many within the community. As a fine example of a multi-disciplinary woman leader in the community, Annie’s story is inspirational and unique to young entrepreneurs and women. Her kernels of truth and words of wisdom are steeped in experience and cultural diversity.