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Nick Chatzipetrou 

Nick Chatzipetrou is a business and life strategist with experience as an International Network Developer and Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in many industries. He comes from the emerald island of Thassos. He has graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as an English Major and since 2008 he has created his own advertising company with web designing, production of TV shows and publication of freepress magazines. The moment he realized the dynamics of the Internet, he set a goal to create residual income streams online. His main goal was to support other people gain financial and time freedom as in the modern era he believes that all people regardless of education, experience and background can thrive in life! He has been creating success stories in network marketing for 10 years, but when he was invited to Dubai to meet ASCIRA, he immediately realized the unique vision of the community! Thus, together with his partner Maria Mantonanaki, they passionately develop the first Social Lifestyle Community in Greece and in many countries abroad, having already helped change many lives for the better during the first months of operation.