B.A.N.K. - Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, Knowledge

Are you ready to increase your sales up to 300 percent? 
If so, this course will unlock the secrets, the science, and the system to supercharge your sales and build solid relationships, personally and professionally. 
When you crack the personality code, you will achieve record sales and real wealth that you can to the BANK.
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Created by

Cheri Tree

  United States
Cheri is the best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, and world-renowned entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Chairman of Codebreaker Technologies, Inc., within more than 100 countries worldwide. She is the creator of the revolutionary B.A.N.K. methodology and Codebreaker's Personality Coding Technology, designed to help business owners to close more sales in less time and improve their communication skills and personal relationships. Cheri has spoken to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals globally at some of the top business conferences in the world. She has also been invited to speak at Harvard University, the University of California, Google, and the United Nations.